My Solar Quotes


The World has realized the potential available from the Sun, which could transform our energy needs and mindset drastically and see a clean and green World left behind by us for our future generations.

The solar panels are the first processing unit in this very environmentally friendly system. The heat and sunlight disturbs the photovoltaic cells within and creates electricity, which is stored in a battery for use when required. When the Sun has dipped into the horizon you would still have the luxury of using what it has left behind in the battery during the day until it comes back the next morning.

The electrical charge so stored is in DC form and an inverter is installed to convert it to AC, so that it can be used by consumers. There are a few controls to keep the electricity from the National Grid overlapping into the system and damaging it.

The solar power system is a very technologically simple contraption. It does not need any fuels to keep working and there are no moving parts hence there are no incidents of breakdowns. The system harnesses Solar energy and converts it to solar power silently and diligently.

All solar power systems are backed with long term warranties because once you have installed a solar panel unless it is intentionally damaged or Mother nature damages it, will stay just where it was kept for many years into the future.  

 With the present available technology a solar panel would provide an output of only about 20 %. This would change in the future with more advances in the system. Scientists all over the World are on a mission to develop the ultimate solar panel, and it is envisaged that more advanced solar power systems will be developed in the future.


Contributing our mite to the energy crisis

It is estimated that the Sun dishes out a massive 40,000 Exajoules of energy annually, whilst the world consumes only about 600 Exajoules of energy using all our energy sources from Coal, Oil, Wind, Wave, Hydro, including solar and the most dangerous nuclear.

If we could make a conscious effort to use the services of the Sun and harness it’s solar energy and use strategically placed solar panels to convert it into solar power the world would be a safer, greener and cleaner place to live and we would be leaving a better place for our children in the future.

We could educate our children as they are the ultimate custodians of our world in the future about the need to use clean and green renewable energy , in the little activities they would indulge in to savour the value of energy usage.

Kids love to frolic on a bouncy castle hire Melbourne and enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. Showing them that what they enjoy could use solar energy would be a good starter.

The blower which keeps the inflatable jumping castle hire upright during it’s use could use solar power and this is sure to be embedded in the minds of our children.

Our children would always remember little things that would make an impression on them and having light and portable solar panels to generate the required electricity to run the blowers continuously in the jumping castle hire Melbourne is definitely going to impress them.

This would also show them the value of using something that is available to us every day and which we have not being using to it’s optimum potential.